Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Penyuntingan asas

kawalan kursor, memadam teks, menyelit teks(insert), menengahkan teks (center), menggariskan teks, menebalkan teks (bold) dan mengitalikkan teks). 
Menukar jenis dan saiz fon.
Menukar pelarasan teks (justification).
Menukar saiz halaman (A4 atau letter) dan orientasi halaman (portrait atau landscape)
Memotong, menyalin dan menampal teks.

Copying and Pasting
If you wish to copy any part of your document to paste to another part, you first have to select the text that you want copied. This is done by clicking and dragging over top the text to copy. Click and hold the mouse button at the beginning of the text, then carefully drag it to the end of the text. All of the text you selected will appear highlighted. If you highlight too much, or not enough, do not worry, just try again.

Click on the Edit menu and slide down to copy. This copies what you selected to a virtual clipboard which you can not see.

Click your mouse at the end of your document, or wherever you want to paste to. Click on the Edit menu and slide down to Paste.

The text that you copied to the virtual clipboard then appears right where you clicked.
Cutting and Pasting
If you wish to move some text from one place to another, you might want to cut the text instead of copying it. Cutting and copying are the same, except that cutting removes the text but still puts it on the virtual clipboard. To do so click and drag over the text that you want cut.

Click on Edit and slide down to Cut. This removes the text and places it on to the invisible virtual clipboard.

Click where you want to paste the text to.

Click on Edit and choose Paste.

The text that you copied to the virtual clipboard then appears right where you clicked.
Spell Checking
The spell checker is a great tool to have on a word processor, but it is not perfect. It only looks at every word that you typed, one at a time, and checks it with a dictionary. It does not look at each word in its context. Therefore if you typed their when you really wanted the word there, it will not correct the mistake. This means that you will still have to proof read your document yourself.

Unlike all of the features explained before, the spell checking tool is not in the same place for all software. It is often found in the Edit menu or the Tools menu. In this case (Microsoft Word) it is in the Tools menu. So we click on the Tools menu and slide down to Spelling and Grammar….

A spell check window pops up. Depending upon your software, you may have to click on a button that says Start. In this case we do not have to, it starts spell checking right away. When it finds a word that it does not recognize, it will show you and also give some alternative suggestions. If the word is spelled correct (spell checking does not usually recognize names as an example) then click on Ignore, or Ignore All. If it is misspelled, click on the correct word in the suggestions, and then click on Change. Do not click on the Add button, or in some cases the Learn button, as this will add the misspelled word to the computer's dictionary.

When it has finished checking all of the words you have typed, it will usually let you know. Click on OK, or in some cases Done.
When you have finished everything and have checked it all over, you will probably want to print your document. To do this click on the File menu and slide down to Print….

A printing window pops up. There is a lot of information here, and you probably do not need to worry about most of it. You can change the number of copies you wish to print, but otherwise just click OK or Print.

That's it! Although there is many more things to do on word processors, that is the basics. Go ahead and practice and get used to your word processor. Once you have the hang of it, there is no going back. Do not be afraid to experiment a little with the other functions when you are ready.

If you ever make a mistake, do not worry, just click on Edit and slide down to Undo.

When you are finished and want to leave, save and click on File and slide down to Quit or Exit at the bottom of the menu.


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